Monday, June 27, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts Barbarian Chief Previewed

Northstar Miniatures previewed this Frostgrave Barbarian! We are now into the last week of the Frostgrave, Into The Breeding Pits, Gnickstarter pre-order program. 

The spend goals have released a great set of free figures, joining in now will probably release one more before the 4th of July, the last day of the program. We've added pictures of the new figures in this release, like the free Barbarian Chief all Level 4+ participants will be getting free. Designed by Mark Copplestone, this figure is a 'taster' of the 4th Frostgrave book due out in November, Forgotten Pacts. 

Check the preview of the upcoming plastic barbarians here as winter is coming! Really lovely miniature by Giorgio Bassani.

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