Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Frostgrave Into The Breeding Pits Pre-Order Launched

Northstar Miniatures launched their long awaited Frostgrave Into The Breeding Pits pre-order to launch their new supplement, metal and plastic miniatures.

During this pre-order you can order one of six deals each containing the new Into The Breeding Pits rules allowing you to explore the dark and animal hydrid infested dungeons of Felstad. The higher level deals also include new metal and plastic miniatures. If you pre-order within 6 days time you will receive a further 10% discount. But also take note that the deals, even at full price, offer you a discount over buying the items individually. 

Note that stretch goals are going to be unlocked as certain amounts of money are collected. The first stretch goals are a free Hyena and Giant Rats to inhabit the grim corridors of Frostgrave. You can order any other Frostgrave figures or books with your Gnickstarter, in fact you can order any North Star product with your Gnickstarter. 

You can also add any extra new Into the Breeding Pit products to your Gnickstarter order. This is an exclusive offer, Into the Breeding Pits book and figures will be released on the 28th of July, but if you order them now they will come with your Gnickstarter pre-order. The Into the Breeding Pits products are available here: and you need to type in the code INBRED

Check the full pre-order Frostgrave Gnickstarter page here for more details and grabbing your Frostgrave miniatures and rules.

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