Sunday, June 19, 2016

Megaton Games: SciFi Armoured Syndicate Kickstarter

Megaton Games: A post-apocalyptic 32mm miniatures based skirmish game of mechs, mercs and money in the deserts of the 22nd century.

A 32mm scale skirmish game of mechs, mercenaries and money in the desert wastelands of the near future... Armoured Syndicate is a miniatures range, a compelling sci-fi story and a tabletop skirmish game developed over three years of hard work and creativity. 

Featuring a range of high-quality super-detailed 32mm scale resin miniatures and scenery the game is set in the deserts of the western and southern US around 100 years in the future. By backing this campaign you can get the full range of exciting miniatures, access to the beta rules for the game (and a chance to help develop them) and a range of brand new resin scenery elements to build your game around. Check the full Kickstarter here

These miniatures featured earlier this year in our Salute 2016 coverage post here - Megaton Games will be at Salute with the full line-up of our 'Armoured Syndicate' post-apoc miniatures along with some previews of new models from the upcoming Kickstarter campaign! Come see us at stand TL16!

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