Monday, June 13, 2016

Megalith Games: New Kydoime and the Chimera - Boxed Set

Megalith Games: Kydoime and the Chimera is part-1 of the Nemesis range of miniatures produced under license for Megalith Games by Labmasu.

The boxed set contains a hero and a monster miniatures. The Hero comes with a profile card as a character and another profile card as a warlord. the Monster also comes with two different Creature cards, one representing the model as a juvenile and one representing the experienced adult creature.

In addition to the miniatures and the profile cards, there is also a booklet which contains the background about the two models plus three unique scenarios - which can be played with regular Godslayer warbands. Kydoime is an Amazon heroine which two Amazon profile cards. The Chimera is a Banebrood creature with two Branebrood profile cards.

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