Friday, June 17, 2016

Hive, Queen and Counrty: Stars of Empires, The Role Playing Rules Kickstarter Launched

Hive, Queen and Country: Please help us fund the Second Edition of Stars of Empires, the Role Playing rules for the Hive, Queen and Country Victorian Science Fiction Universe. We plan three books, a 200-page Referee's Guide, a 150-page Player's Guide and a 250-page Ground Vehicle Sourcebook.

To support both Role Playing and Minaitures gaming we will also be producing the Land Fighting machines book for the HQC Universe, over 100 designs, 3D graphics, histories, orders of battle, tables of organization and equipment and color schemes! The book should run about 300 pages and will be out by June 2017. We have playtested at conventions across the country including Origins, Gencon, DragonCon, Diecon, Borderwars and Colonial Barracks. Full Kickstarter here

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