Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wayland Games: Discounted Privateer Press Warmachine Two Player Battlebox

Wayland Games launched the discounted pre-order of the brand new Privateer Press Warmachine Two Player Battlebox filled with miniatures ready to battle epic tabletop warfare!

Step into a world forged of iron and tempered by war! This is a 2 Player Warmachine Battlebox and is the perfect set to introduction and guide you and a friend through the rules and game play of this epic tabletop wargame all within an added value box.
The set provides two full battlegroups as well as two full units, along with a core rules digest, in-depth tutorial guide, dice, ruler, battle map, and a special narrative scenario. Everything two players’ need to jump right into the game straight out of the box and cheaper than buying the product individually.

Enter the popular Warmachine, steam-powered miniature combat game by grabbing your discounted copy here at Wayland Games

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