Sunday, May 22, 2016

Titan Forge: Upcoming Oriental Fantasy Miniature Range Kickstarter

Titan Forge: For the last couple of days we presented miniatures that will be part of our new collection. We want to make this one great, so we will be looking for funding and community support on Kickstarter! The campaign will be ready in two weeks and we will surely announce the exact opening.

The new line was inspired by an old eastern culture of katana blades, ninjutsu and a cult of the 4 elements. Despite expressive historical accents, the new army is still set in the world of fantasy. During this campaign we are counting on you more than ever. This time we will be gathering your ideas for miniatures and 3 of them will be voted to become a part of the collection. Furthermore, for the first time, we will be live-streaming the development process of a miniature, so you can see how your idea is being titan-forged into reality!

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