Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spartan Games: Deluxe Halo: Fleet Battles Flight Tokens and The Ominous OmniDyne Preview

Spartan Games: This month the Marauders of the Rift are joined by the OmniDyne! Four new boxed sets are making their way onto the shelves.

An off-shoot of The Directorate, the OmniDyne Special Operations (OSO) Company are allied with the Zenian League and often fight alongside the Corsair faction. Never known to turn down a contract, they require only that their customers pay good money up front, and exercise a strong moral ambivalence towards how they get the job done.

This month, we're releasing deluxe Halo: Fleet Battles Flight Tokens, for only the very best of fleets! These stunning 3D  tokens are designed as an optional replacement for the card tokens found inside standard boxed sets, giving all Halo: Fleet Battlers the chance to get even more beautifully-detailed resin on the tabletop.

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