Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Slave 2 Gaming: New 18mm Dark World War Cavalry Released

Slave 2 Gaming: This week, we see the exciting release of Mike Broadbent's cavalry lines for both the British and Prussian Armies, expanding the range of 18mm Dark World War figures currently available from Slave 2 Gaming.

The Dark World War range is an expanding line of Alternate World War One 18mm figures, set in a world where the war never ended in 1918, and the rest of the world fell into war. The new Lancer units and Swordsmen units fit perfectly into this range, adding a faster and harder hitting unit to both sides. The figures are two-piece metal range with the rider being separate from the horses. The packaging includes six horses, five standard riders, and a sergeant rider. The figures can be bought from Slave 2 Gaming. We still do not have our website up and have been dealing with our very patient customers via email and Facebook. 

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