Monday, May 23, 2016

Slap Miniatures: Upcoming Modular 15mm Space Knights and Space Dorks

Slap Miniatures: I've been keeping myself busy by putting together '15mm heroic scale' Space Knights and Space Dorks...

Intending to make a starter set of each, with a bit of everything in so I can put them out fairly quickly. so about 20 figures along with some weapon and head options.

The Space Knights are pretty much done, all that is really required is to now sculpt arms onto them with weapons attached, apart from one or two torsos left bare so you can stick on various close combat weapons and pistols to your liking. The heads will all be separate so you can stick them on as you please.

The Space Dorks will require a little more work. I've left them fairly plain to allow for fun when it comes to sculpting different outfits onto the bodies and heads. Still have the same plan for the Dorks as I do the Space knights though, about 20 figures with the option to swap heads and a couple of slightly larger bodies without arms for weapons swaps.

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