Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Frostgrave Into the Breeding Pits Pre-Order Coming Very Soon!

Northstar Miniatures: Here it is, the official announcement that the 8th Gnickstarter pre-order program from North Star has begun!

What is a Gnickstarter? A Gnickstarter is what we call our special pre-order programs for new products. The new product this time is the second supplement for Frostgrave, Into The Breeding Pits, along with the new box of plastic figures, The Frostgrave Gnolls and the accompanying metal miniatures. There are six deals available, increasing in price and products. 

You can add anything you want to your Gnickstarter deals, whether it be Frostgrave or any other range North Star sells. You can also add extra Into The Breeding Pits product exclusively here Type in the code INBRED to get in. The new product will be sent with your Gnickstarter order. If you don't order a Gnickstarter deal, you'll have to wait until the 28th of July, which is the official release date for any Into The Breeding Pits product. Remember you do get Into The Breeding Pits products cheaper in the Gnickstarter deals than buying them individually. 

Order your Gnickstarter deal before the 6th of June and get an extra 10% off. We have done this as an equivalent of a post free UK/ subsidised postage rest of world deal. You can also add a copy of the previous Frostgrave Supplement 'Thaw of the Lich Lord' for 1/2 price! Follow the progress of the Gnickstarter program on the Into The Breeding Pits Gnickstarter page. We'll be tracking the spend total that you guys are contributing to, and as it grows, it'll release free stuff that'll be added to your order come release date. Visit the page to find out what that free stuff is. Please note, Pit Slaves get nothing. (Except the super Wizard Sheet of course).

You are getting this news so early, the Into The Breeding Pits Gnickstarter magazine page isn't even up yet! We will let you know of course when it is in action, with loads pictures and news. Go to Kev's magazine to see the page when it is ready! Check the bundles here

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