Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mantic Games Open Day: Upcoming Fantasy Skirmish Game, Historical Kings of War Game and More

Mantic Games has announced some interesting new games and Kickstarters during their Open Day. This is what I have managed to gather from Twitter.

Looks like Mantic Games will be doing a Fantasy Skirmish Game somewhere during or after 2017. Interesting with their already popular fantasy Kings of War miniature game they will also be venturing in the realm of fantasy skirmish games. Mentions that these new miniatures could be double used for the skirmish game but also for elite units for the mass battle Kings of War game.

The following Kickstarter will be to expand and further develop the science fiction football game named Dreadball. Ronny, owner and director of Mantic Games has announced that this will be to tidy up the rules and balance the competing teams.

Another announced Kickstarter is for the science fiction miniature boardgame Project Pandora. The Kickstarter will be similar as the hugely succesful Dungeon Saga Kickstarter and will also be used to expand and further develop this science fiction boardgame.

There's also a mention of a smaller scale Fantasy and Scifi miniature range which is been tested but there are no further plans as we speak. Mentions rules for wargaming small scale Warpath and Kings of War wargames.

Another interesting mention is Kings of War, The Historical Wargame which will be released during september 2017 and will allow players to field their historical armies using the tested and popular fantasy Kings of War rules. There's also a note that although this game in made for historical players,  it is not meant to be really historically accurate?

So loads to discuss and think about, when I find more information about these highlights I will be posting these here on Wargame News and Terrain. You can find renders of their upcoming Empire of Dust egyptian undead, science fiction and The Walking Dead miniatures here

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