Sunday, May 22, 2016

Games Workshop: The Hobbit Plastic Lake Town House Details

Forge World and Games Workshop announced the upcoming release of their new The Hobbit Lake Town House at Ardacon. 

The plastic Lake Town House will be available for preorder at the end of November along with the new core rulebook. Just in time for Christmas! It's plastic and will cost £25. The boxed set will include one house, a one-piece boat and a load of extra bits. There will be a bundled deal too. This particular model kit was designed years ago. Source visitor of Ardacon Twitter @thefirstautarch

You get a house, a boat, a privvy and a bunch of walkways. Some of the bits are reversible though to allow for variety and the whole thing's completely modular. The whole board you see in the wide shot is made from the kit you'll be able to get. Unknown Online Source


legatus hedlius said...

£25 seems like a bargain. I was expecting twice that!

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Same here, fingers crossed that it will also be the final price!

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