Monday, May 30, 2016

Barbaric Splendor Miniatures: Conanesque Barbarian Personalities Kickstarter Previewed

Barbaric Splendor Miniatures: Sound the warhorns and let blaze the signal fires - the barbaric horde approaches! Help us launch Barbaric Splendor Miniatures!

Barbaric Splendor Kickstarter One: Personalities offers barbarian individuals for your wargame, skirmish game, RPG, or simply to paint and collect. This first Kickstarter is meant to launch a line that will cover the common themes of barbaric/heroic fantasy, with hopefully much more to come to flesh out the primeval world of Barbaric Splendor! 

We will begin with the six basic miniatures and one free miniature that will be available if we  fund to those who pledge for 3 or more members of the barbarian horde; stretch goals will be shown as the campaign progresses.  Simply pledge for the number of members of the horde you wish, the post-Kickstarter survey will let you list the miniatures you want. During the Kickstarter, all miniatures will be priced the same, with the exception of Orsa Stormbringer who will count as 2 members of the horde. 

Each member of the barbarian horde will cost $7; Orsa Stormbringer will cost $14. These prices will change for some miniatures (such as the ones using licensed art) when these are available at retail. The free miniature will never be available for sale, only as a free Kickstarter/convention bonus or as a prize for contests. Shipping fees will be collected later.

These are scaled at 32mm to match some of the other popular barbarian lines/games that they would be good for use with! Miniatures will be shipped without bases. So set ablaze the signal fires and let the warhorns blare - the Barbaric Splendor Personalities come! Check the draft Kickstarter here

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