Saturday, May 28, 2016

Anvil Industry: New Science Fiction Modular Troopers

Anvil Industry released these resin 28mm heroic scaled modular science fiction troopers allowing you to easily build several types of infantry most suited for your needs. 

The parts of these troopers can be mixed allowing for loads of different options and unique poses. The first four sets are the Regiments Full Squad - Heavy Infantry, Medium Infantry, Light Infantry and Fatigue Special Forces Infantry. If one of the above deals doesn't suits your specific needs you can also make your own custom squad using parts of all the other squad types.

Each of these squads contains ten miniatures which can be assembled from four parts: bodies, heads, legs and arms. To further increase the number of possibilities you can pick your favorite weapons along with optional shoulder pads, pouches and weapon upgrade options. If you buy several squads you even get a discount on the full retail price. Interested in checking out these new science fiction miniatures, check the Anvil Industry website here

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