Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Big Wargame Convention Salute 2016 Picture Report

Today was the day - Salute 2016, the largest wargame conventions in Europe took place at the Excel Centre in London. As part of our annual coverage of this great event organized by The South London Warlords, we have been busy gathering pictures from different sources (you could be one of them) to show you the great variety of display and demonstration games along with pictures of new miniatures releases and announcement of upcoming games or rules.

Also loads of pictures here at the @wnt_news Twitter 

We will be constantly updated the list below so if you to be linked to your own pictures or want to share another great source filled with pictures, send us a link in comments or through the contact widget. So it begins The Big Wargame Convention Salute 2016 Picture Report by Wargame News and Terrain, your daily source for the latest wargame news sometimes including reviews and tutorials!

- Dobermann blog - Full coverage of the new Bolt Action Konflikt '47 game Click here
- Steve the Wargamer - Salute 2016 - display and demonstration games Click here
- XCOM: Tabletop Wargame - Salute 2016 particpation game Click here 
- K-Kraft Miniatures: New 20mm Science Fiction range previewed Click here
- Fireforge Games - Possible new plastic medieval infantry set previewed Click here
- Black Scorpion Games - Tombstone Wargame and 100 Strong Miniatures Range Click here
- Tsuba Miniatures - New Japanese Generals, Russian Scavengers, Russian Artillery Click here
- Warlord Games - Bolt Action Miniatures and Vehicles Preview Display Click here
- Mierce Miniatures - Tables filled with Creatures and Monsters Click here
- Mr Lee's Painting Emporium - Salute pictures Click here
- Dalauppror Blog - Foteviken 1134 miniature game and more games Click here
- Model Brush - Demonstration and display games along with new releases Click here
- Dead Lead Project - Demonstration games and miniatures Click here
- Studio Tomahawk - New Congo wargame  table and demo at Foundry stand Click here
- Mr. Bug Man - 10 posts filled with pictures only 1 published more coming Click here
- Big Lee's Miniature Adventure - Loads of game pictures Click here
- Big Red Bat Cave - Blogger Meeting and Viking Foteviken 1134 game Click here
- The Dark Templar - Salute game pictures and new Guidl Ball Hunter faction Click here
- 28mm Victorian Warfare - Salute 2016 convention games Click here
- The Angry Lurker - Blogger Meeting more pictures coming Click here
- Northstar Miniatures - Upcoming Frostgrave plastic gnolls and metal miniatures Click here
- Twitter @Scott_The_Boss - Salute games Click here
- Twitter @Thornshield - Salute game and painting contest pictures Click here
- Pedion Terrain - Modular Scenery Tiles Kickstarter Success Click here
- Oshiro Model Terrain - Dorset miniature game Click here
- John Bear Ross - Crititical Games Game, new miniatures and buildings Click here
- Bad Squiddo Games - New shieldmaidens released Click here
- Spartan Games - 15mm Halo: Ground Command miniatures and vehicles preview Click here
- Wargaming Girl - Salute Blogger Meeting andloot pictures more coming Click here
- Harold's Revenge - Salute demonstration and display games along with loot Click here
- Shed Wars - Loads of demonstration and display game pictures Click here
- Spartan Games - Halo 15mm Pelican Dropship and Project Gotterdammerung Click here
- Warlord Games - Konflikt 47 Weird Wars Bolt Action Bots and Tank Click here
- Big Lee's Miniature Adventures - Blogger meeting and fantasy Celtos game? Click here
- 4Ground - New The Chicago Way and science fiction Jessari buildings Click here
- Warlord Games - New castle, 'new' plastic landsknecht and new Bolt Action Americans Click here
- Legatus Wargames Armies - Demonstration games and loot pictures Click here
- Twitter @Neoscream - Salute pictures Click here
- Maelstrom's Edge - Alien Karist and Mechs by @fleetsignal Click here
- Twitter @PaintySim - Loads of Salute pictures Click here
- Twitter @fleetsignal - Salute game pictures Click here
- Siren Miniatures - Salute Picture huge Vietnam Game Click here
- Oshiro Model Terrain - Trading stand and Dorset wargame Click here
- Steamforged Games - Trading stand and Guild Ball and Dark Souls demo's Click here
- Perry Miniatures - Upcoming plastic ACW charging Union Infantry Click here
- Second Thunder - Trading stand of Open Combat Click here
- Studio Mcvey - Trading stand of The Others miniatures Click here
- Renedra - Trading stand and plastic castle diorama Click here
- Wargames Terrain Workshop - Trading stand Click here
- Critical Mass Games - Science Fiction Wargame Table Click here
- Bendy Boards - Trading Stand and Deals Click here
- Northumbrian Tin Soldiers - New Nightfolk Miniatures Click here
- Offensive Miniatures - New rioter miniatures on their website Click here
- Perry Miniatures - Plastic British Infantry Sudan/ Afghanistan Click here
- Spartan Games - Halo Ground Combat 15mm miniatures by @Heretic30k Click here

More coming very soon!

Our own coverage starting from the build up to Salute showing the discounts, new releases and other cool information (including online discounts!) can easily be found below. Note that this an extensive list with at the moment +135 posts so if you reach the bottom of the posts after clicking make sure to click older posts and repeat untill you're tired or at the end!

The latest Salute 2016 convention News and Deals here

You can find our previous The Big Wargame Convention Salute Picture Reports covering the previous two years here. We hope all links are still working as we mostly directly link to the source to give our sources credit for picturing this great event.

- The Big Wargame Convention Salute 2014 Picture Report Click here
- The Big Wargame Convention Salute 2015 Picture Report Click here

Send us your link and we will add you to our growing list!


legatus hedlius said...

This is a great resource. Well done!

matt murray said...

Great work, always surprised to see what I missed and I was there for just around 6 hours ! I'll link this site over on Dakka Dakka :)
Roll on Salute '17

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Thanks for the compliments and sharing this around. Cheers

captaingeneral said...

Great Coverage of a great show
We put on a participation game of XCOM recreated as a tabletop Wargame
pics are here...

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Thanks, just added your link! Cheers

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