Thursday, July 16, 2015 On the Matter of Scale: Exclusive Ghoul Dragon and Jabberwock Size Comparison Recently I have received these nice pictures from Gavin, creative manager of The Ion Age, and Alternative Armies, regarding the size of their recently released creatures. Both the Ghoul Dragon and Jabberwock as shown in the pictures below were released as part of the massive fantasy range but seeing the miniatures they can surely be used for larger scales such as the larger popular 28mm one! 

In the first two pictures you can see the fierce Ghoul Dragon fighting with some Alternative Armies dwarf warriors which are 24mm tall. As you can see still quite an impressing and deadly opponent for every brave band of adventurers! This code is released at 50% off its regular price until 31st July 2015! To celebrate the 100th code in the range! 

In the following pictures you can see the dreaded Jabberwock with jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Attacking some Alternative Armies mighty Asgard Barbarians which are 28mm tall. As you can see this miniature is particularly impressive even when used with full-sized 28mm scaled miniatures. This code is currently 20% off its regular price. 

Quick note, both of these creatures are now available at a special discount! So don’t wait and grab your mighty beasts quickly here. The kind sales team is also happy to fulfill orders for 28mm and 15mm together by email to either or And if they get enough interest they will get the two monsters put on the Alternative Armies website as well. 

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