Friday, January 3, 2014

Forgotten Glorious: ACW Iron Brigade Pre-Order

Forgotten Glorious: Our Indiegogo Campaign for our Iron Brigade Project has sadly failed some hours ago. First of all I want to thank all our contributors (they will receive their money back soon) and I want to thank all the guys who have supported us in any way too. Even if it is not so clear we have made a lot of work on this project and it was great to feel supported. Now I can say it is not over: I definitely want to see these figures created!

So I have decided to start a kind of pre-order has I made it for the 14th Brooklyn: in some days I will update our website with a pre-release order shopping cart. There will be each pack of figures as they will be proposed when the range will be released but I will add special offer with the same bonus that were offered on the campaign. Two things will differ: the shipping cost will not be offered this time as well as the flags but I will give a 10% discount on all prices for the duration of the pre-order AND the bonus figures will be sold to anyone who will order them.

- Any eight standard packs: you will be able to choose one bonus pack FREE
- Any twelve standard packs: you will be able to choose two bonus pack FREE
- Any sixteen standard packs: you will be able to choose three bonus pack FREE
- Any twenty standard packs: you will receive all the bonus packs plus the pre-release bonus pack FREE.

The Bonus packs are:

- One private helping another one wounded
- Two privates running bringing an ammo crate to their comrades
- Colonel Morrow of the 24th Michigan holding the regimental flag

The Pre-Release Bonus pack is:

- Brigadier General Solomon Meredith, a staff officer, a bugler and his flag-bearer all mounted
- All the Bonus packs are available for sale too.

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