Monday, December 23, 2013 Limited 15mm Snowmen Reviewed!

I have recently received these nice 15mm snowmen made by as part of their festivity special releases. If you're interested in these miniatures after you have read this review, make sure to not delay your order as these are only available in the festivity season untill the 9th of January. Then they will be discontinued untill the next festivity season in 2014, then they will reappear together with a new festivity themed miniature pack!

The models

As previously stated the snowmen miniatures are scaled 15mm and are casted in white metal. The miniature pack includes five unique snowmen characters sculpted by Sam Croes. The snowmen are all casted well and don't have any noticable mouldlines or flash. Each of these miniatures is dressed and equipped with a variety of hats, other random items and weapons such as rifles and knives. To give you a better idea of how they actually look I have added a close-up picture of the miniatures.

Scale comparison

To give you a better idea of the scale of these unusual miniatures which are roughly 1cm high I have added some comparison pictures. In the following pictures you can see the snowmen flanked by miniatures from other ranges and manufacturers such as The Ion Age, Armies Army and Battlefront Miniatures. Snowmen - Armies Army PLA - Armies Army Enemy Unknown Snowmen - Battlefront German - The Ion Age Prydian
Painted examples

Interested in how these miniatures look painted? I have found this picture on the website.

The conclusion

As you can see these miniatures are full of character and are of splendid quality. These miniatures can only be bought during the festivity season for £2.50 directly from but can also be bought in a larger bundled pack of 20 miniatures with a 10% discount. Although not the most usable miniatures in your collection, they are fun to own and can be used in a variety of Christmas inspired games and armies. Interested in more miniatures, please take a look here.

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