Saturday, June 22, 2013

Khurasan: New 15mm Fantasy codes!

Khurasan Miniatures: We are very pleased to release many new codes for our Great Enemy range of 15mm fantasy, set in the most ancient period of an epic fantasy setting. First up is the fallen angel himself, the Great Enemy. This model was sculpted by Tom Meier, and is the size of a 28mm model, meaning it can be used as an evil human knight or similar figure in that scale. The weapon arm is separate, and a flaming sword is also provided – and the same goes for the head, which can be swapped for a wolf-shaped helmet. With both alternate parts, the model becomes the Great Enemy's chief lieutenant, The Lord of Werewolves. (The Orc in the image is for scale and not included.)

Next, we have a malevolent fire drake, the Golden Deceiver. This is a one-part resin casting, and is a bit over 125mm (5") long.

Scrabbling in the wake of the Golden Deceiver are many Beasts of the Great Enemy – loathsome things larger than a horse, which are armed with pincers and a stinger tail. These models are giant scorpions, of course, and are cast flat so that legs and tail may be posed with careful bending. (Please use care, as we cannot replace breakage from bending.)

We also have new codes of Orcs – here are five more poses of warriors with various weapons to fill out the warbands. 

Now available to lead large Orc formations is this Orc General, larger and better protected than the Orc unit officer, and carrying the traditional symbol of command, an ironwood cudgel.

Pit-wolves travel at speed on the flanks of Orc legions, and we have three poses available, both ridden by Orcs as cavalry…

… and without mounts, as scouts.

The Great Enemy has also deceived humans into his forces, and we have two codes – the first being the Evil Men of the East spear warband. These are the rank and file, and have separate shields.

To lead these fallen men are the Evil Men of the East king, standardbearer and armored nobles with axes – one king, one standard, and ten armored axemen.


And welcome to Tom Young from the Tides of War Blog, check it out. His Minas Tirith and Pelennor field terrain and miniatures are stunning in both quality as quantity! He's also a jousting knight, check it out!

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