Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wargame News and Terrain: Upcoming Reviews!

Hi, it has been a while since I posted some new reviews and I justed wanted to make a list so I don't forget to review some products that have been waiting for a while to be reviewed! In order of publication although some changes can occur.

1) DGS Games: Ruleset Freeblades, Black Rose Bandits and Haradelan Questers startersets
2) Sands Models 20mm Resin m39 APC
3) Curious Constructs Iron Horse Bike
4) CP Models: New fantasy adventurers en goblins
5) Warfairies: Assortment of new 15mm fantasy releases
6) Minairon Miniatures: plastic T26 model kit
7) Mantic Games: Undead and Elf Startersets
8) Wargames Factory: Male Survivor set

These will appear very soon and at regular intervals but in the meanwhile you still enjoy the already done reviews! Which can be found here: Dozens of reviews.

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