Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Commando Miniatures: New releases!

Commando Miniatures: As promised in our last newsletter this is to let you all know that the new figures are now in stock and we have also re-stocked almost all of our existing range. The new items are all available on our website! British Infantry skirmishing (B-12): British Infantry Fire fight – 4 figures in “belt order” and combat poses, standing firing SLR, kneeling firing SLR, standing reloading Sterling, throwing grenade.

British GPMG team:  2 figures, standing with GPMG, No 2 advancing with spare ammunition packs

The Red Wolves of Radfan: South Arabian Rebels – 4 figures in fighting poses, standing firing rifle, running firing pistol with slung rifle, kneeling firing rocket launcher, standing with raised rifle.

We have now also launched our range of accessories - weapons, back packs, alternative heads etc. These are now also available on the website. This is because we believe that wargamers and collectors are always looking for ways to customise their miniatures and get that unique look for their units.

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