Friday, February 22, 2013

Acheson Creations: Releases 3 Kaiju Kaos Products

Acheson Creations releases the three next in the Kaiju Kaos line of products – Earwig the Insectien, Optithulhu the Eldritch Horror, and Kodama the Weed Monster.

Earwig the Insectien

Price $8.00 USD (unpainted) – sculpted by Steven Patt. Approximately 45mm tall, and comes with a 40mm round base. Earwig is designed for use in both Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown and Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game. The Insectiens are extraterrestrials that resemble enormous insects. The first of their kind came to Earth on a meteorite that crashed on Kaos Island. Soon thereafter, others came, including their Empress. The Insectiens came to Earth to feed on off the planet's natural resources, while continuing their never-ending battle against the Planet Devourer and his various acolytes.

Optithulhu the Eldritch Horror

Price $8.00 USD (unpainted) – sculpted by Bryan "Stratos" Borgman. Approximately 50mm tall, and comes with a 40mm round base, Optithulhu is designed for use in both Kaiju Kaos: Smackdown and Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game. Optithulhu is a devout minion of Cthulhu, born in the earliest days of Creation by forces indescribable by humans. The horrid kaiju has survived the Ice Age and the sinking of R'lyeh, only to be awoken by the Rift of 2003. Heeding his master's call, this Eldritch Horror can be found throughout the Pacific Rim terrorizing all that cross his path.

Kodama the Weed Monster

Price $25.00 USDUS (unpainted) – sculpted by Cline A. Siegenthaler. Approximately 5.5 inches tall, 4.25 inches wide, and comes with an integral 5-inch diameter base. Kodama the Weed Monster is a Giant-sized kaiju, designed for use in Kaiju Kaos: The Miniatures Game. Kodama once resided in a great tree in the Aokigahara Forest, and was revered by many. However, during an epic battle between Cthulhu and Triunedon, much of the forest was destroyed. In an act of self-preservation, Kodama's spirit entered a patch of weeds, animated the undergrowth, and took on its current gruesome visage. Kodama now wanders the planet seeking revenge.

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