Saturday, May 15, 2021

Victrix: Plastic Late Roman/ Romano British Miniatures Preview

Victrix: Here we have the first renders of the first Late Roman / Romano British figure. We have two helmet types so far on this figure but with more options to follow. Plus there will be bare heads, heads with facial hair and some Goth type heads to really extend the use of this set from Late Roman/ Romano British to Goth, Early Byzantine, Early Franks etc…

The shield is not sculpted yet and we will do some large ovals and some round. A lot of shield transfers are planed for this range and the breadth of nationalities it will cover. He has plenty of weapon arm options and you will be able to interchange arms from the other figures in the set. Weapons include darts, javelins, hand axes and as much as we can get on the frame.

Our initial thinking for this set was going to be a mix of four unarmoured and four armoured figures plus command frame. However we are reconfiguring these to have a separate armoured and unarmoured set. Six figures on the main frame and six figures on the command frame. We are also going to do a separate set of Light troops which will include archers, javelin skirmishers and also looking at some Staff slingers and slingers all in the same set.

Design sketches have been done for the first four figures in this set, leaving another two figures to design. Now we are open to a bit of customer input on these last two spearmen figures. It would be nice to do a couple of kneeling figures. So combined with the other figures you can make a very striking shield wall whilst still retaining enough standing fighting figures for those who only play skirmish games. Polite opinions on some kneeling or not kneeling figures is very welcome.

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