Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Solitary Division: The Panzer Dice - Eastern Front R&W Version

Solitary Division: 1943. Eastern Europe. The German Army is in retreat, but the war is not over. The Red Army troops have to fight great battles to free every kilometer against the German army. Wehrmacht soldiers, as well as fanatical SS soldiers, will put Stalin's army to the test and fight to defend the territory already won. The terrible Stuka planes of the Luftwaffe rule the skies to a nonexistent resistance in the skies, but the most challenging thing that the Soviets had to face were the powerful Panzer tanks, with their high firepower and efficient armor.

Still, the Russian soldiers were not afraid of this. Counted with its famous T-34, simpler and lighter than German armor, but easier to mass-build and repair in the field. They had the experience of the recent Battle of Kursk, where they learned to maneuver their tanks with efficiency and precision and identify the weak points of the Panzers; In addition, they were ingenious and knew how to repair the damage suffered by their T-34s, receiving the support of the populations they were releasing, where they found supplies for the combat of its infantry, as well as fuel for its armor and the recovery of ammunition on the part of some destroyed tanks. Check these rules now here

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