Sunday, January 24, 2021

BigRedBat: More New Activation and Stratagem Chits for To the Strongest!

BigRedBat: I’ve added some more new TtS! activation and stratagem chits to the BigRedBatShop, in new colours. Some players prefer chits to playing cards, when playing To the Strongest or For King and Parliament.

The 20mm diameter activation chits come in packs of 80 (8x1, 8x2 etc. through to 8x10). These new tokens are in red and dark blue, but purple, green, burnt orange and natural MDF are also available. The text is really clear and can be made out at a good distance. The chits are also now two-sided, so play is quicker than with the previous single-sided MDF chits, since you don't need to flip them to see the number. The new stratagem tokens are single sided (plain red or dark blue the back). You can find them, here.

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