Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Element Games: New Discounted Speed Freeks Tabletop Game and More Warhammer 40K Ork Vehicles Pre-Order!

Element Games launched the discounted pre-order for the long-awaited Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Speed Freeks miniature tabletop game and Ork vehicles! Grab your own new Ork miniatures now here

Grab your own Warhammer 40K Orks now here at Element Games and as always make sure to use our exclusive Element Games TIM940 loyality code at the webstore check out and get double loyality points at the check out further sweetening the deal! We’ve all been waiting patiently for Orks to make their way into the limelight and, with Speed Freeks wheting our apetites last week, its time to fully endulge this week!

Not only do we have the brand new Codex: Orks and the four new Ork Vehicles available for pre-order; we also have a variety of repacked favorites too, including Warboss Grukk’s Boss Mob and some Ork Stormboyz. Know what makes this weeks pre-orders even sweeter? The new Boomdakka Snazzwagon, Megatrakk Scrapjet and Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy and Deffkilla Wartrike are compatible with Speed Freeks too. Expand your Orky terrain with the Mek Workshop and keep your Deff Dreads and Orks Trukks fighting fit across the board whilst assisting your Ork Army.

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