Thursday, May 3, 2018

Breaking! Steamforged Games: Fantasy Football Guild Ball Going Plastic - End of Metal Miniatures

Steamforged Games: Steamforged Games has a great history of innovation with our products and we’re excited to announce the next step. As we touched on during our recent Indiegogo campaign our metal molds are reaching the end of their lifecycle. We wanted to offer the opportunity to transition these classic guilds into the plastic medium but, the community response was overwhelming in their desire for new guilds instead, as opposed to our classic guilds renewed. With the release of the Ratchater's Guild and the soon to be release of the Falconer's we’ve heard you loud and clear and will continue to release these new and exciting guilds. However, we still needed a solution for our classic guilds.

We’re happy to announce that over the course of the next 24 months, as our metal production molds reach the end of their life cycle, we will be transitioning the classic guilds to “The Legacy Collection”. The retirement of the metal major guilds will coincide with the release of their associated minor guild, ensuring that new and veteran players alike will continue to have meaningful in-store purchase options.

This announcement should give all players the opportunity to pick up any metal miniatures they may wish before the changeover as these products will still be available from your LGS. The transition will also help us to ensure that retailers are only expected to have the newest most exciting stock on their shelves without burying them under a backstock of slower moving products. We hope you are excited about this new development as we are.

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