Monday, April 30, 2018

Breaking! The Army Painter: New Official Dungeons & Dragons Paint Line Revealed

The Army Painter: The Army Painter are both excited and proud to announce the upcoming official Dungeons & Dragons Paint Line. Month of hard work will finally - and for the first time ever - bring dedicated colours to the fantastic D&D universe.

The brand new range of colours for the D&D universe has been thoroughly and painstakingly researched to match the many varied (and indeed colourful) creatures and monsters inhabiting it. The range will be divided into 2 sets: the Adventurers set (10 paints) and the Monsters set (36 paints). All paints will be super high quality and bottled in new 12ml dropper bottles to avoid spill and drying out. Also, in each paint set there will be a free miniature – and lastly, but not least – there will be a cool D&D brush set too to get you going. So stay tuned: there will be more information about these miniatures and the sets themselves later!

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