Thursday, March 15, 2018

Infinite Dimensions Games: New Gaming Terrain Company Set To Launch 3D Printable Medieval Abbey on Kickstarter

Infinite Dimensions Games: 3D design company, Infinite Dimensions Games, will soon be launching their first Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of a professionally sculpted terrain set entitled Wightwood Abbey.

Wightwood Abbey is a fortified medieval monastery designed to be printed on home 3D printers, a technology rapidly being taken up among hobbyists. Backers of the Kickstarter will receive the digital files necessary to print the models themselves, assemble them (paint them if desired), and then use the prints with any existing tabletop roleplaying game or wargame. The digital files come ready to print at a standard 28mm scale, but it would be a simple matter to size them down and print them at 15mm scale for games that use that format. Infinite Dimensions Games joins a growing number of companies who are producing 3D printable terrain in a time when the industry is beginning to take off. Competition has always been a part of any industry, but the company seems in a good position to do well considering their artistic director, Dawa Fruitman, has over 20 years of professional modelling experience and his business partner, James Binnie, brings with him a wealth of experience both as an entrepreneur and a passionate tabletop gamer.

So what do you get if you help fund Wightwood Abbey? Backers can pledge to receive any one or more buildings of their choice, but it’s a better deal if they pledge for the whole core set. Included in that set is a gatehouse, stables, scriptorium, abbot’s house, church and the fortified walls that enclose the entire monastery. Though all of the buildings have been designed to work together as an overall abbey complex, each piece could be easily be used on its own in a wide variety of settings (steam-punk, the European theatre during WWI/II, or the Napoleonic era come to mind). Additionally, Infinite Dimensions has created a long list of ‘stretch goals’ (such as an apiary, beggar’s hovels, and a smithy) that backers will receive at no additional cost as long as the specific funding objectives are met. All of the core designs as well as the ‘stretch goals’ will be available on the company’s website after all backer pledges have been fulfilled, but those who get in on the Kickstarter will be able to take advantage of special discounts.

The company makes a point of mentioning that they strive to create terrain that is both aesthetically pleasing and which offers superior functionality for gamers. So while each building has removable floors and can be opened up to reveal playable interiors (a common feature in tabletop terrain), special considerations have been introduced such as designing buildings to separate at an appropriate height for internal gaming to be obstruction free, and integrating a peg system which allows for easy separation and reattachment of sections. Overall, Wightwood Abbey introduces an inclusive theme not yet seen in other 3D printable terrain sets and Infinite Dimensions Games seems committed to their promise of quality and creativity. The Kickstarter launches on March 21st, and will run for 30 days. Visit for more details.

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