Friday, March 16, 2018

Alternative Armies: Flintloque Frontear - The New Worlde Wild West Miniatures and Book Re-Released

Alternative Armies: Brought out of retirement by request of Alternative Armies customers we are delighted to announce that the Frontear range of 28mm miniatures is now on the website on it own page.  

A spin off book and range from Flintloque which spans the entire story of Amerka from the Greate Rebellion to the Alamorque to the Civile Warre and the Wylde West.  Soldiers, Civilians and Characters.  Packs and single miniature choice.  The game book is out of print but we have it now as a paid digital download and at 110 pages it is packed with setting and full rules too at a great price.  Click through for more and have a great weekend.  I am taking two whole days off!  Woo!  GBS

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