Thursday, October 14, 2021

Nordic Weasel Games: Cyberpunk Chrome Hammer Ascension Rules

Nordic Weasel Games: Sometimes you just want an elf and a ghoul to go shoot at each other in the cyberized back alleys of neo-berlin. Welcome to Chrome Hammer Ascension. In this solo campaign game your gang of punks will attempt to take on the mega-corporations of the ascended world. Dragon CEOs run pharmaceutical companies while flame demons prowl the back alleys and kobold zealots trade shots with an elf hacker. Check these new Cyberpunk rules now here

CHA featuers a full campaign game where your punks gain experience, find new cool gear and hopefully don't end up face down in a rainy alley when a security guard finally frags them. Random events, extensive lists of gear and abilities and a huge array of creatures are present in the book, allowing for you to really immerse yourself in the world of cyber fantasy.

The combat system is based on Squad Hammer and Chrome Hammer allowing fast, colorful combat without being bogged down by complex rules, letting you focus on the scenario you are playing and the enemies you are facing down. Intended from the ground up as a solo game, all you need is a handful of miniatures to get started doing battle on the blood-slick streets, in VR space or the astral plane! Each campaign sees you fighting the mega-corps leading to an epic showdown against their monster CEO. All of this is supported by included random tables to add flavor to the game experience. This is a fantastic opportunity to use some figures you have not had a chance to use yet, plan some wild new paint jobs or conversions or bring some beloved old favorites back.

The core mechanics use a 2D6, pick highest roll to determine how many characters can activate each turn with characters being able to perform an array of actions. Ranged combat is resolved with a 2D6 roll trying to exceed a target number, with enemies in close range being permitted to return fire. Physical injury, squad casualties and morale is all merged into a single damage score, which can be reduced through the use of certain actions. This allows a fast-playing but tactical feeling experience. Mechanics are included for stealth missions, spells and more. The rules are intended for solo play and are stand-alone. You do not need a copy of Chrome Hammer or Squad Hammer to play. The intended play space is roughly 3 x 3 feet though smaller tables are manageable. Game scale is agnostic but will play fine in both 15mm and 28mm+. Record sheets are included.

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