Wednesday, January 13, 2021

RGD Gaming: 28mm Plastic Satyrs and Scythians Kickstarter

RGD Gaming: We are aiming to produce 3-4 4x6 molds to produce hard plastic Satyrs, Scythians, Horses and Amazons. With the assistance of Wargames Atlantic, we will take prepared STLs and engineer them for plastic. These will be 32mm scale (aka heroic 28mm). Check the Kickstarter here

RGD GAMING LLC is proud to announce that it's Satyr and Scythian Kickstarter has just gone live. This Kickstarter aims to create 28mm (aka 32mm) models to represent Scythian and Satyr infantry. As goals progress, we would also create Scythian horsemen and long overdue hard plastic Amazons, via Tim Barry.  For the first time, we are also offering assets from current and previously made projects, to help those who may not want to go all in or want things like the horsemen even, without breaking the goal. 

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