Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Warlord Games: Victory at Sea - Regia Marina Starter Fleet + Hardback Rulebook Pre-Order Bundle

Warlord Games: Nab yourself the new Victory at Sea rulebook along with an entire fleet to bring to the tabletop and save yourself approximately 10% compared to pre-ordering separately! Check the discounted pre-order here

Victory at Sea is the game of naval combat during the Second World War. Throughout 1939–45, the nations of the world duelled across the oceans across the globe, only to discover the fundamental nature of naval warfare changing in the face of rapidly developing technologies. This bundle is set to get you sailing on the tabletop with a sizeable and varied United States Navy fleet.

From skirmishes involving single destroyers hunting down merchantmen to the clashing of massive battleships, from invasions of islands across the Pacific to mastering waves of dive bombers, Victory at Sea enables you to fight exciting battles that take place on the oceans of World War II.

The rulebook is the ultimate resource for Victory at Sea players. It contains: The complete rules for fighting naval battles, including the use of aircraft, submersibles and coastal defences, Detailed background notes on the progression of naval warfare through WWII, 28 historic scenarios, covering every theatre over the span of the whole war and Exhaustive fleet lists for all the major belligerents, providing game statistics for hundreds of unique ships, submarines, aircraft and MTBs.

The Regia Marina Starter Fleet box contains: Aquila-class Carrier - Aquila, Conte di Cavour-class Battleship – Conte di Cavour 1940, Etna-class cruiser – Etna 1942, Zara-class cruiser – Pola 1940, Luigi Cadorna-class cruiser – Luigi Cadorna 1940, Navigatori-class Destroyer x3, Torpedo-Bomber Aircraft – Reggiane RE.2001 Falco II x4 flights, Ship Cards and Damage Sliders and Assembly Instructions.

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