Friday, November 8, 2019

Kieran Billings: Fantasy - Historical Lord Cireneg's City Scenery Kickstarter

Kieran Billings: Lord Cireneg's City is a bustling city with buildings stacked side by side to create a true feeling of a metropolis of the medieval age, suited to your medieval or fantasy setting. This is the second of multiple Kickstarter campaigns, each building upon the previous campaign of the border fort to eventually make it into a magnificent castle fit for a king. Check the Kickstarter here

Not only does this contain buildings for creating residential areas of a city but you can also create busy marketplaces, belltowers to dominate the skyline and inns for that exciting starting point for any great RPG. Pieces stack upon each other for quick assembly and disassembly. STL files are scaled for 28mm gaming.

Currently Unlocked Stretch Goals:

Alternate Tower Top
Steps Up
Double Tower Entrance
Alternate Market Piece
Alternate Furniture
Alleyway Arch
Alleyway Dead End (thick and thin)
Horizontal Room joining piece
Low Walls
Extra Inn Accommodation Level
High Walls
Alchemy Freebie
Corner City building
New Inn roof front

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