Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Footsore Miniatures: The Barons' War - 28mm Medieval Miniatures Kickstarter

Footsore Miniatures: The Barons' War - 28mm Medieval Miniatures - New, highly-detailed, 28mm miniatures usable for both sides of the Magna Carta conflict of 1215 - 1217. Check the popular now Kickstarter here

For many years, Andy Hobday - of Footsore Miniatures & Games - has had a great passion for the often overlooked periods of British history. One of these passions is The Barons’ War - an English civil war in the early 13th-Century between rebellious barons (and their French allies) against King John. Andy has been chatting with renowned sculptor Paul Hicks about The Barons’ War for some time now, and earlier this year they decided to put together a range that not only represented the arms and armour of the time, but could be used for a number of different rulesets and other locations too.

These miniatures can be used for games set during The Barons’ War, and not only that, they’ll work for both sides of the conflict! Additionally, they’ll work well for games that take you Crusading in the Middle East, particularly the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Crusades (and a few years/decades either side). Like many of the Footsore ranges, The Barons’ War range will be packed to work well for games like Saga and Lion Rampant. Of course, should the range be very popular, Andy hasn’t ruled out releasing a ruleset of his own.

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