Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Corvus Games Terrain: Sector Corvus Prime: Modular 3D Printable Sci-fi Terrain Kickstarter!

Corvus Games Terrain launched their first Kickstarter so launch a range of modular 3D printable 28mm Sector Corvus Prime sci-fi terrain! Check this exciting Kickstarter now here

Why Sector Corvus Prime you ask?

Modular terrain is something I am hugely passionate about. I love the idea of using a small number of components and being able to create varied pieces each time. Whether it’s a simple dwelling, an industrial unit or an elaborate warrior monastery, the concept is the same but the outcome has so much more thematic potential. 

A handful of common structural parts, a couple of wall tiles, and a drop-in roof can be arranged into the simplest habitation building to grand, towering constructions that look awesome on the tabletop. So I like to incorporate some level of modularity into most of my terrain designs if possible. I think it lends so much originality to a game board and gives the hobbyist the chance to flex their creative muscles too. I wanted some modular buildings that worked for multiple sci-fi skirmish games and so focussed on creating a lived-in under hive/industrial setting with some slightly more 'up-market' buildings thrown into the mix. And so, Sector Corvus Prime was born. 

How does the modular system work?

It’s all very simple really. The struts clip into the the floor component, providing the shell of the structure. The wall panels then slot into the grooves in the struts. The roof surround panel locks them all into place, and finally, the roof plate fits into the roof surround to finish it all off. But here’s where the beauty of modularity kicks in. It’s a simple matter of adding another floor component on top of the walls, instead of the roof surround, to create an upper storey to the building. You could keep going and build a further storey and put a massive structure on the gaming table. Each wall panel is different, so no two structures need to look the same.

On the matter of printability

All of the models print without the need for supports, and are designed for FDM printers. Maximum size will fit average printer beds - 200mm x 200mm. The models have also been test printed by members of the wargaming/3D printing community. I've test printed every model using a combination of slicers, including Simplify3D and PrusaSlicer, and printed them on common desktop machines such as the Creality CR10 series, as well as a Prusa Mk2S. 

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