Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Corvus Games Terrain: Sector Corvus Prime - 3D Printable SciFi Scenery Kickstarter Preview

Corvus Games Terrain: Sector Corvus Prime is a huge set of 3D printable sci-fi terrain pieces from established Irish 3D printed terrain company, Corvus Games Terrain. It's split into three pledge levels, featuring all the components needed to create sprawling cityscapes to fight over. 

At the entry-level pledge, The Industroplex, it contains over 90 downloadable STL files while at the All-In pledge level, around 200 STLs will be available for download and print. Plenty of unlockable stretch goals are planned as well as some other interesting bonus downloads for backers.

Sector Corvus Prime has been designed from the get-go as a completely modular battle-ready cityscape. It features a huge number of 3D printable interchangeable parts that snap together to form impressive buildings. Each structure has a core set of components - a floor support, structural supports utilising the popular OpenLOCK connector ports, slot-in walls, a roof support, and a drop-in roof option piece.

The OpenLOCK system allows for really tall buildings while providing a rigid support structure that is easy to put together and take apart again. There's a huge selection of wall designs to choose to create a grungy used sci-fi feel, along with multiple floor/roof options. Create everything from a factory complex, a chemical processing area to a Hab building using the simple drop-in wall and roof designs. It was designed for 28mm - 32mm scales and will look great in Warhammer 40K, Kill Team, Infinity, and even Star Wars Legion. Sector Corvus Prime is launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday 17th September. Check out for more details.

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