Friday, September 20, 2019

Breaking! Victrix: Plastic Norman and Persian Infantry Previews!

Victrix: Here is a montage of the first Norman figure. There will be a choice of kite or round shields so they can be used as Normans, Bretons, Franks, Ottonians etc… The 4 unarmoured figures will be sculpted first, then 4 armoured figures and then the command figures.

Also 2 sketches for the first Persian figures. The first set will comprise 3 unarmoured spearmen, 3 unarmoured archers and 2 slingers plus appropriate command figures. The next Persian infantry set will be armoured spearmen and archers. The Persians will primarily be used as Later Achaemenid Persians that fought Alexander the Great and were led by Darius III. However, they can also be used as earlier Persians, in particular in the armoured infantry set will include appropriate shields such as Spara and some alternate heads. Before we get a deluge of messages both the Norman and Persian ranges will include cavalry but this will take us quite a while to complete. We are also considering Persian chariots.


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