Friday, July 19, 2019

Breaking! Wargames Atlantic: Massive Plastic Miniature Model Kits Release Schedule - Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical Miniatures!

Wargames Atlantic: Concerning Halflings, Painted Persians & More... And finally the top of the excellent Peter Dennis artwork for our upcoming Halflings set. This will be the second set for the Classic Fantasy range. The team has been hard at work and these are coming along nicely! No release date yet but we will be showing more and more as we get closer (see below). 

We showed you some of the sculpts last time, and here they are with some paint. The set is going to feature a mix of bowmen, Sparabara, and command options.This set will be releasing later in 2019 after Halflings (see below) and Death Fields Les Grognards. Three other historical sets (Dark Age Irish and two for the 19th Century) are also nearing completion. You can follow along on Facebook and we will update you in these emails. Painted by Matthew Leahy. 

We stock and ship from 3 different warehouses (UK, US, and China) so we can offer Free Shipping on any order over $50 or £35! (Australia warehouse opening next month!) You can keep tabs on us on Facebook and on our website! 

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