Monday, July 15, 2019

Alternative Armies: New Alternate Stars - Retro Science Fiction Character Range Pre-Order!

Alternative Armies launched the discounted pre-order for their new Alternate Stars retro science fiction 28mm character range. Check these miniatures now here and make sure to check the lovely painted examples below!

The Star Empire spans the sphere and its often chaotic leadership produces many wars in which cohorts of the army are involved.  Not the best elan; their technical edge and sheer numbers count for a lot. Other cool miniatures are the genetic tailoring of the second hurlant epoch led to the rise of the Nekonari. Feline humanoids possessed of grace and lethal poise their society is fractious but prosperous. Last but not least laying claim to the rich Gliese 667 stellar system the all female separatist Boudican movement shuns outsiders. Highly skilled troopers, all from this system, fight in wars across the sphere.  

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