Sunday, April 21, 2019

Pen and Sword: Discounted Wargames Terrain and Buildings - The Napoleonic Wars Book!

Pen and Sword launched the Wargames Terrain and Buildings - The Napoleonic Wars Book written by Tony Harwood known from the Dampf's Modelling Page and his expert modelling work for Grand Manner.

Any miniature wargame is greatly enhanced by realistic and evocative scenery and buildings, but commercial ready-made pieces can be expensive. Building your own can be a cost-effective and very rewarding alternative, another hobby in itself, but it can be hard to know where to start. Wargames Terrain and Buildings is a series of books aimed at giving wargamers the skills, techniques and guidance they need to create their own stunning and practical model buildings.

In this volume, master modeller Tony Hardwood shares his years of experience and presents the reader with a wide range of projects for the Napoleonic era. With the aid of step-by-step photographs, he guides the reader through building and finishing each of these models, which are organized in three sections of increasing complexity and encompass a range of scales and different materials. Nine projects are included but the techniques and skills demonstrated along the way, along with valuable advice on tools, construction materials and paints, can be adapted and applied to a much wider range of structures to grace your battlefields.

Grab your own discounted copy of the Wargames Terrain and Buildings - The Napoleonic Wars Book now here at Pen and Sword and learn to make your own wargame buildings like a miniature modelling expert!

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Jeremy Ramsey said...

I despair of P&S's hopelessly optimistic publishing schedule. My copy was ordered (and paid for) in July 2018. Hopefully it will turn up sometime?

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