Thursday, March 21, 2019

Voxel House: New 3D - 6mm Steampunk/ Historical Bridges!

Voxel House: Our line of wargame buildings, we are bringing to your table a modular bridge and an arch bridge for the Landships Steampork System game or 6mm WWII systems. Designed in  1/300 (6mm) There are 2 bridges to print in 3D and put on your game table! Landship is not included! Get to know our products! This set contains the spare parts: 1 modular bridge and 1 arch bridge

Important Note: This model will be one of the first in an experimental series that will get upgrades. This means that he will be updated from time to time and will receive upgrades without a cost. It is an experience that we will be doing and we will see how this will be seen by our players. You buy once and receive upgrades from this model. We program 3 extra upgrades! Stay tuned!

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