Friday, March 15, 2019

Sarissa Precision: 25% Off Dark Age Palisade Fort Bundle

Sarissa Precision: 25% off our fantastic Dark Age Palisade Fort bundle deal. Time to place your Salute 2019 order! Hello, this week we have a splendid deal for you it is a new Dark Age Fort bundle. Made up from our Norman Manor House, Norman Keep and a selection of palisade walls and gate. A great centrepiece for any tabletop.

While in the 28mm Dark Ages section take the time to browse the other kits we have, Timber-Framed Houses, Carts, a Viking Longship among other things lots of choices for Saga players. Salute 2019 takes place on April 6th this year, so only a few weeks left to place your pick up at Salute orders. See our events page for details of how to do this. Check more details here

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