Sunday, March 17, 2019

LOOTgames: Sci-Fi & Post- Apoc 3D Print Scenery Kickstarter

LOOTgames: It is a brave new world out there, so many battles won, much more to be fought... This campaign created by LOOTgames gives you access to various 3d stl files for you to print through the pledges we are offering. All pieces are original and designed by our dwarf engineers at he LOOTgames lab. Check the Kickstarter here

Through modularity and alternate pieces these playsets are destined to become a must for your table setups as they fit a wide variety of themes. Originally designed for 28-32mm scale board/wargames, most of the models can be also scaled down to match your needs. Suitable for Fallout Wasteland Warfare(our personal favorite), Gasslands, Warhammer 40K, Star wars themed games, Wild West Exodus and much more.

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