Thursday, March 14, 2019

Kieran Billings: Sir Cireneg's Castle - Border Fort Kickstarter Ending Soon!

Kieran Billings: Sir Cireneg's Border fort is nearing completion with less than 48 hours left to get a hoard of files for your 3D printer. Check the full Kickstarter here

These include: 9 Tower files, 12 Wall files, 4 Stair files, 12 wall angle connectors, various door and gate pieces, 1 wizard tower connector bridge, A stone Barracks with removable roof and a ladder. Plus the unlocked Stretch goals: Tiered ramparts for miniatures (x2, one each side), Lean-to with chopped wood, Wall Hoarding, Tower Hoarding, Stables, Tower to Wizard tower connector, Tower section with 3 entrances, Kitchen, Blacksmith and social goals unlocked 7 Ruins and Well.

Add On available - Battlement Ruins - $5 (with Tower ruins added for free as the $8000 Stretch Goal.) We are also nearing a big stretch goal of The lord's hall. which will be a fitting end to an epic campaign. NZ$25 gets you all of these files barring the add-ons.

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