Sunday, March 24, 2019

Goblin King Games: Moonstone Fantasy Skirmish Game - Leshavult Expansion Kickstarter Preview

Goblin King Games: Moonstone - the Wonderfully Whimsical Tabletop Skirmish Game, returns to Kickstarter with a brand new faction! Check the full preview Kickstarter here - The actual campaign will launch at 7.30pm GMT on Wednesday 27th March.

Moonstone is a Tabletop Skirmish Game for 2-4 players set in a wonderfully whimsical storybook world where players bluff to win. As well as a unique fairytale aesthetic, Moonstone keeps all players constantly involved in the action and has some truly original mechanics not seen before in miniature skirmish games using unique card decks to resolve magical attacks and combat! This project brings a whole new faction to the world of Moonstone: The Leshavult! This new Kickstarter will bring even more miniatures to Moonstone along with some great looking fantasy scenery!

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