Sunday, March 24, 2019

BigRedBat: New Flatpack Forces River-Track Scenery

BigRedBat: Flatpack Forces have introduced the first of a range of new terrain products to enhance the appearance of our battlefields. The first product, River-Track, comes in packs of either straight sections (120cm/4 feet), 180-degrees of curves, or crossroads, all 7cm wide and great for either 15mm or 28mm miniatures. Printed on MDF using a new technique, River-Track is, excitingly, reversible, and has a photo-realistic track on one side, and a river (with stunning ripples) on the other- for twice the value!

The pieces link together in a jigsaw arrangement and are light, hard-wearing and easy to store. River-Track can be used with non-gridded terrain but is ideal for the gridded terrain used with To the Strongest! So far there are straight lengths, curves and a crossroads. Flatpack are shortly to add forks, fords and bridges. You can buy the River-Tracks here in the BigRedBatshop!

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