Monday, March 11, 2019

Artis Opus: New Series M: Brush Set Kickstarter Going Strong!

Artis Opus launched their Series M: Brush Set Kickstarter! In pursuit of perfection, Series M adds more tools to your painting arsenal, unlocking a greater range of techniques. Check this popular Kickstarter now here and grab your new brushes while you can.

Following the successful completion of our first project, Series S, painters from all over the world reached out to us to discuss their different techniques and approach to the hobby. Through further research, we discovered that "Miniature size brushes" are a desired addition to many painter's arsenals. These brushes feature a shorter, smaller point, in contrast to normal brushes like Series S. Series M has been designed with the insight of Katarzyna Gorza, a prolific and talented artist within the industry. Katarzyna describes them as "the perfect miniature series".

1 comment:

BDub said...

Personally I think their bristles are too short (Windson Newston Miniature line had the same problem). Also, youo can buy singles. I dont need a 000 or 00, and would rather have a second 0 and 1, if I were to buy, but thats never an option. So pass.

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