Saturday, January 12, 2019

Voxel House: New Landships - Steampork System Wargame!

Voxel House: This is a 1/300 (6mm) steampunk wargame set in the fantastic world of Artrusia (Scavengers World), where orcs, humans and other races fight each other. The main feature of this game is that the miniatures are made to be printed in 3D printers. The player buys the files and can print as many times as he wants. Our goal is to take advantage of these new technologies for wargames and give the player more diverse and cheaper options regarding the miniatures. Soon!

Landships is part of a larger system called Steampork. This system will cover air, naval and even alien units in future releases. The main focus is classic steampunk, with a very Victorian-focused design, giving space for the fantastic and horror. The pdf corebook will be released in April this year and until then they will post on twitter the evolution of the game and our pieces.

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